Here’s what LCC is doing for safety:

During this time, we have been in constant one on one communication with our families while offering family support. We have received training on proper usage of sanitation and PPE and received supplies to disinfect.

Staff have all received face shields and/or will be wearing face masks.

Upon arrival staff are visually screened. All staff must wash their hands immediately upon entering the building.

We are frequently cleaning high touch areas such as: light switches, handles, countertops, sinks, cots, etc.

We have been quarantining rooms that are not being used. Bathrooms are only for child/staff.

Safety Procedures that will be taken upon the return of children

A staff member will greet you at the door and receive your children. Adults will not be allowed into the building to limit contamination.

If you see a family being screened at the door, please wait at a safe distance until that family is cleared. Visual directions will be available.

      • A visual screen will be done by a staff worker upon arrival. We reserve the right to decline a child based off the visual screening of the parent, guardian and/or child.
      • Limit one family member per drop off if possible.
      • We reserve the right to turn away for runny nose, coughing, sniffling, watery eyes etc.

Children will be washing hands upon entry and in-between every transition.

We will keep children as far apart as possible during mealtime and naptime.

Children will be required to bring lunch daily.

We will be staggering play time. This will give us an opportunity to sanitize and disinfect areas and limit contact.

If an outbreak occurs in the center, we will follow CDC/OEC Guidelines.

Center hours will be reduced due to COVID [8a.m.-5:30p.m.]. Before care will not be available during this time.

A Covid test is required when:

Any staff or child experiencing Covid symptoms must return with a negative Covid test.

If someone in the student or staff household has tested positive for Covid, after quarantine, they can return once that person has tested negative. Negative

Covid tests will be required of each person to return to work/school.

Any extended time out of school (3 days or more) for any reason, including vacations will require a current negative Covid test to return to school.


By visiting our establishment, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.
Help keep each other healthy